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Welcome to the Truth for Transformation Website

Our Mission:

To create a community of strong, confident women to find their voice and speak their truth so that they can be heard and seen for their authentic brilliant self.

We support women to develop their speaking skills to share their story on stage, in print, on the radio and TV so that they can inspire other women with their heroine’s journey stories to inspire and give hope to other women to let them know they are not alone.

Together, we are Transforming Lives, One Story at a Time!

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to create a movement for one woman to share her adversity story to empower another woman to share hers; therefore, creating a ripple effect to touch one million women worldwide to provide hope, inspiration, and the courage to speak their truth to reclaim their confidence, to know they are enough, and to have their voice be heard and allow themselves to be seen as the beautiful and brilliant woman they are!


Hello! My name is Mary Liu, Founder of Truth for Transformation. I am an award-winning Entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Mentor, International Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, TV Show Host and Producer of the Speak Your Truth Conference.  I am also the Best-Selling Co-Author of “Speaking Your Truth ~ Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women”

I enjoy ballroom dancing, singing karaoke, and spending time with family and friends and my community of sisters.

You can learn more about me and my story here.

How Can I Support You:

Are you ready to stop hiding behind the woman you truly are?  Are you ready to find your voice and speak your truth to let others know that what you say matters?   I help women find the courage to speak their truth, to release old stories that no longer serve them and to empower them with new stories that will transform their relationships, careers, and life!  Your past does not dictate your present or your future.  Be heard.  Be seen.  Be transformed by the stories you’ll hear from other women sharing their heroine’s journey and be empowered to share your own.

Join our movement today by registering as one of the Founder Members to share your story.  Together, we can Transform Lives, One Story at a Time!

To learn more about our women’s empowerment workshops, retreats, Speak Your Truth, Women’s Empowerment Conference, and appearance on the Mary Liu Show, click here.

Many of my clients have found after implementing my proven Own Your Story, Own Your Success formula that they have transformed their relationships, businesses, and their life by seeing their own brilliance in a new light. They also enjoy a more joyful and fulfilling life in authenticity and most importantly, find inner peace and freedom within themselves.

It’s time to find your voice and share it with the world!


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