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mary-liu Hello Ladies!  Thank you for stopping by my website and checking me and my company out.  My name is Mary Liu and I am an award-winning Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, and Women’s Empowerment Mentor.

I am the Founder & CEO of Truth For Transformation, a company I created after my own personal transformation in 2011.  I built two very successful businesses starting from the age of 22, but when I turned 47, there was a burning desire that I wanted something more in my business and in my life.  Something that I could create to make a positive difference for millions of people and be able to leave a legacy for the work and impact that I make.  Thus, I started my journey in search of what was my life purpose and how I can serve millions of people worldwide.  But, most importantly, I wanted a business that would make my heart sing.  Truth for Transformation was then born.

I help women find their voice and develop the courage to speak their truth so that they can share it and live into their truth and be heard and seen for their confident and authentic self.  I am passionate about helping women know that they are enough and that their voice matters.

If you were to ask my clients and people who know me, they will tell you that I have incredible patience and I truly care for your well-being and will be your biggest cheerleader in celebrating your successes.

People have often referred to me as a strategic business connector; connecting people with people they need to know.

I enjoy ballroom dancing, singing karaoke, and spending time with friends and family. I support, an organization that helps puts a smile on every child’s face born with a cleft palate or lip and one that is very close to my heart.



Truth For Transformation has advertising on this site through vendor affiliate links in which I receive a small referral commission.  If you happen to see an ad on the site, I endorse that product and believe it may be of value to my clients and my online community.


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