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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Cat Williford

Mary sat down with Cat Williford, who coaches women leaders to live and love from their authenticity. Per usual, Mary asked Cat, “What does it mean to find your voice and speak your truth?” Cat responded authoritatively by saying, “…knowing my truth.” She continued speaking about how she walked around for years confident in her emotional truth, but detached from the facts of the situation surrounding her truth.

To contrast that question, Mary asked Cat to describe a time where she was not aware of her voice or had trouble finding it. Cat’s posture and emotion shifted as she described a time when she felt like a failure, despite all of the success she has encountered. To heal from that experience, Cat had to speak truth over her life which allowed her to heal from all of the lies attacking her.

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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Gemma Benton

Mary chatted with Gemma Benton, a message mentor and story coach. In light of the conference, Mary asked Gemma, “What does it mean to find your voice?” Gemma spoke about finding truth and discovering that  truth looks like for her and various individuals. She continued to speak about the magic of it and how it can be seen as finding new life when we begin to take our masks off.

Gemma and Mary agreed that the more we grow, the more our truth change and we have to acknowledge that positive shift in our lives. The word “nakedness” was talked about in a way that illustrated that we must strip down and remove the layers or baggage or shame that is hiding our true self.

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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Ilesha Graham

Mary and Ilesha, a professional speaker, communication coach and leadership mentor, hung out virtually through Google Hangouts to discuss what it means for her to find her voice and speak her truth.

In light of the conference, Mary asked Ilesha that very question: What does it mean to find her voice and speak her truth. She responded so eloquently by saying, “it’s about communicating, connecting, and changing the world through your own authentic experience and story…” She continued to talk about embracing and loving who you are while working through the shame you may have in your life.

They continued to chat about how we often fear judgement from the one’s we love to the most due to our shame, but that is the very purpose of the conference. Mary wants to encourage all women to share their story in hopes of motivating and encouraging others to do the same.

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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Laura Lopez

Mary and Laura hung out via Google Hangouts to chat about what it means to find your voice and share your truth?

One of Mary’s go-to questions to ask interviewee’s is: What does it mean to find your voice and speak your truth. Laura responded by saying, “For me, it’s all about owning the totality of myself, not just the parts that seem to work well and play well with others. The parts that show up strong. But also the parts that have challenges…” Laura continued to talk about a pivotal point in her life which helped her value herself and take care of herself, not just others.

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Please check out the entire interview to learn about some of the challenges Laura had to overcome.

Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Rosalyn Fay

In this short interview, Mary interviewed Rosalyn Fay, the founder and executive producer of TrueColorsTV. As always, Mary asked Rosalyn to share with the audience what it meant for her to find her voice and speak her truth.

Rosalyn started off by sharing that it took her 40 years to find the courage to speak her truth. She said that for her, sharing and speaking her truth is about living more authentically and releasing her shame.

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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Regina Rowley

In the Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth series leading up to the conference, Mary chatted with Regina Rowley, a women’s empowerment speaker and self- defense coach from Texas who empowers women to stop the negative self talk.

Going along with the theme of this conference, Mary asked Regina what it meant for her to find her voice and speak her truth. Regina responded confidently by saying, “Finding your voice and speaking your truth to me means: being real to who you are and who you are destined to be.”  Regina mentioned releasing the skeletons in our closets, and spoke about her father who was very controlling and insecure. She shared some personal stories about being exposed to sexual and domestic violence. Regina spoke about how she felt like it was her fault that her father was acting that way towards her and her family. She passionately spoke about how those burdens can be stressful and heavy for women to carry, especially those who feel like they are alone.

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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Cara Cordoni

During this candid interview, Mary Liu, the founder of Truth for Transformation and the Speak Your Truth Conference, chats with Cara Cordoni, the founder of FlashLight Coaching, about finding her voice and speaking her truth. When asked what it meant for Cara to find her voice and speak her truth, she responded with a less than traditional answer by saying, “For me, it actually has to do with singing.” Cordoni explained that she felt in bondage and isolated by her ex husband who did not support her singing. “I felt emotionally constipated,” she giggled. Cara said that writing was medium for her to find her voice, as she had a hard time expressing anger.  She highlighted the fact that there is value in storytelling, and that it is a gift that can reach many women, especially those dealing with similar issues.

Cara shared her singing voice with Mary as she sang a beautiful song she wrote.

The interview concluded by expressing the beauty in vulnerability and how she found that it attracted more people to her authentic self and freed her from the suffocation of bondage.

Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Sandra Yancey

One of the main questions Mary Liu is passionate about asking her guests is: how did you find your voice? This very question sparked an interesting and sincere response from the interviewee, Sandra Yancey, who is the founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, which provided and aids in the complete success of business women, and exists to help women and their businesses achieve, succeed, and prosper.

When asked the question: how did you find your voice and what does it mean to you, Sandra responded by pinpointing the importance of living authentically, which is made possible by using your head and your heart. She quickly noticed that some people may be slightly turned off by the cliche of that simple statement, so she clarified by saying, ” It’s about the power of the integration between your intellect and your instinct.” She explained that she spent many years in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, but in that, she discovered that it is possible to lose yourself. Sandra said, ” Your mind does not understand the language of your heart.” She noted that in order to hear your heart, you must quiet your mind, as our minds are always busy.”

After a little conversing between the women, Sandra continued to make multiple powerful points about how we are in a part of a logical society, thus not giving much credit or value to our hearts and intuition.

Mary and Sandra made it clear that gratitude is also an imperative thing to practice if you want to succeed. By acknowledging the power and value of gratitude, you will also be able to acknowledge your success by being grateful for things that we all generally take for granted, thus seeing your own value.

The conversation with Sandra concluded by talking about how to center yourself and rediscover yourself when life and it’s circumstances throws itself at you, and how to bounce back in a way that is not only healthy for your body, but your your business as well.

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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Ralene Berry

In this short interview, Mary Liu, the founder Truth for Transformation and the Speak Your Truth conference, chats with Ralene Berry, a public speaker, counselor, and minister from the Bay Area about what it looked like for her to find her voice and share her truth.

When asked about what it means for Ralene to find her truth, she talked about sharing the experiences she’s gone through and being empowered due to those experiences. Ralene so confidently says, “my circumstances have not defined me, but my position is based upon how I use those circumstances to become a powerful women.” Ralene emphasizes the importance of sharing your story so that you may empower others to do the same, which is something that Truth for Transformation deeply believes in.

Mary mentioned that it took her 46 years to find her voice, and was curious about how long it took Berry to find hers. Ralene walked  Mary through her earlier years as she discussed deaths, and how she was told to simply get over it, as we all have our own struggles. However, a pivotal point in Ralene’s story is when she realized that she was not alone in the struggles and circumstances that were beyond her control.  Through community and the courage to share her story, Ralene’s voice came.

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