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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Cara Cordoni

During this candid interview, Mary Liu, the founder of Truth for Transformation and the Speak Your Truth Conference, chats with Cara Cordoni, the founder of FlashLight Coaching, about finding her voice and speaking her truth. When asked what it meant for Cara to find her voice and speak her truth, she responded with a less than traditional answer by saying, “For me, it actually has to do with singing.” Cordoni explained that she felt in bondage and isolated by her ex husband who did not support her singing. “I felt emotionally constipated,” she giggled. Cara said that writing was medium for her to find her voice, as she had a hard time expressing anger.  She highlighted the fact that there is value in storytelling, and that it is a gift that can reach many women, especially those dealing with similar issues.

Cara shared her singing voice with Mary as she sang a beautiful song she wrote.

The interview concluded by expressing the beauty in vulnerability and how she found that it attracted more people to her authentic self and freed her from the suffocation of bondage.