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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Ilesha Graham

Mary and Ilesha, a professional speaker, communication coach and leadership mentor, hung out virtually through Google Hangouts to discuss what it means for her to find her voice and speak her truth.

In light of the conference, Mary asked Ilesha that very question: What does it mean to find her voice and speak her truth. She responded so eloquently by saying, “it’s about communicating, connecting, and changing the world through your own authentic experience and story…” She continued to talk about embracing and loving who you are while working through the shame you may have in your life.

They continued to chat about how we often fear judgement from the one’s we love to the most due to our shame, but that is the very purpose of the conference. Mary wants to encourage all women to share their story in hopes of motivating and encouraging others to do the same.

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