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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Ralene Berry

In this short interview, Mary Liu, the founder Truth for Transformation and the Speak Your Truth conference, chats with Ralene Berry, a public speaker, counselor, and minister from the Bay Area about what it looked like for her to find her voice and share her truth.

When asked about what it means for Ralene to find her truth, she talked about sharing the experiences she’s gone through and being empowered due to those experiences. Ralene so confidently says, “my circumstances have not defined me, but my position is based upon how I use those circumstances to become a powerful women.” Ralene emphasizes the importance of sharing your story so that you may empower others to do the same, which is something that Truth for Transformation deeply believes in.

Mary mentioned that it took her 46 years to find her voice, and was curious about how long it took Berry to find hers. Ralene walked  Mary through her earlier years as she discussed deaths, and how she was told to simply get over it, as we all have our own struggles. However, a pivotal point in Ralene’s story is when she realized that she was not alone in the struggles and circumstances that were beyond her control.  Through community and the courage to share her story, Ralene’s voice came.

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