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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Regina Rowley

In the Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth series leading up to the conference, Mary chatted with Regina Rowley, a women’s empowerment speaker and self- defense coach from Texas who empowers women to stop the negative self talk.

Going along with the theme of this conference, Mary asked Regina what it meant for her to find her voice and speak her truth. Regina responded confidently by saying, “Finding your voice and speaking your truth to me means: being real to who you are and who you are destined to be.”  Regina mentioned releasing the skeletons in our closets, and spoke about her father who was very controlling and insecure. She shared some personal stories about being exposed to sexual and domestic violence. Regina spoke about how she felt like it was her fault that her father was acting that way towards her and her family. She passionately spoke about how those burdens can be stressful and heavy for women to carry, especially those who feel like they are alone.

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