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Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth: Mary Liu and Sandra Yancey

One of the main questions Mary Liu is passionate about asking her guests is: how did you find your voice? This very question sparked an interesting and sincere response from the interviewee, Sandra Yancey, who is the founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, which provided and aids in the complete success of business women, and exists to help women and their businesses achieve, succeed, and prosper.

When asked the question: how did you find your voice and what does it mean to you, Sandra responded by pinpointing the importance of living authentically, which is made possible by using your head and your heart. She quickly noticed that some people may be slightly turned off by the cliche of that simple statement, so she clarified by saying, ” It’s about the power of the integration between your intellect and your instinct.” She explained that she spent many years in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, but in that, she discovered that it is possible to lose yourself. Sandra said, ” Your mind does not understand the language of your heart.” She noted that in order to hear your heart, you must quiet your mind, as our minds are always busy.”

After a little conversing between the women, Sandra continued to make multiple powerful points about how we are in a part of a logical society, thus not giving much credit or value to our hearts and intuition.

Mary and Sandra made it clear that gratitude is also an imperative thing to practice if you want to succeed. By acknowledging the power and value of gratitude, you will also be able to acknowledge your success by being grateful for things that we all generally take for granted, thus seeing your own value.

The conversation with Sandra concluded by talking about how to center yourself and rediscover yourself when life and it’s circumstances throws itself at you, and how to bounce back in a way that is not only healthy for your body, but your your business as well.

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